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We are the unique buyer’s agent in France

We find the best property and provide the best advice to private clients in the Alps and the South of France. Below you will find a few of our comments on the subject.

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Buyer beware? Buyer be ruthless!

When the fundamentals of a property market such as that which exists in the South of France have not changed in decades what suddenly modifies the all important balance between supply and demand? A very frothy sellers’ market in 2007 changing to a painfully subdued...

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A Country House dilemma, the Cotswolds or Provence?

That was the question that I pondered for many years, married to a stockbroker with a dream to leave the City and retire to the country! Well, as far as I was concerned having a house in Gloucestershire and looking through the windows at a garden that could rarely be...

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South of France property investment hotspots 2012

Overview The South of France property market has not been immune to post Lehman difficulties and has seen a significant reduction in the number of transactions as well as prices achieved in almost all market sectors. That said, activity levels picked up in 2011 and...

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