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The HindleBaldock A-Z guide to administrative life in France

Buying a property in France is, for most people, an incredibly exciting and positive prospect. It is often the realisation of a long-held ambition or dream. French lifestyle, climate, mountains, sea, culture and cuisine, create a magical mosaic of property possibilities. Whether you want a chalet in Val d’Isère, an apartment in Paris or a glamorous villa in St Tropez or anything in between; all is possible.

As long as the money is in place, what could possibly go wrong?

In principle, very little should go wrong but yes, you guessed it, it very often does.

Why? It’s usually a combination of a lack of reconnaissance and an unwillingness to pay for advice. Buyers need to do their homework and seek good advice. It’s amazing how often we witness people, who in many cases should know better, make mistakes that they simply would not replicate at home.

The key is for buyers to understand what they will be up against in France, to ask the right questions and to know what to look for, what to expect and what to avoid.

For HindleBaldock clients’, these questions and any potential problems are dealt with; that’s part of our service. However, other people who are contemplating a purchase or already have a home in France may not be so familiar with French administration and bureaucracy.

How can HindleBaldock help?

Our reference book, France Without Tears, written by our friend Anthony Hancock, an eminent lawyer is a practical and user friendly guide. It outlines the process for buying property and the questions buyers should ask but more importantly offers practical advice on all aspects of life in France. From setting up a company, to healthcare provision or even organising a funeral; all aspects of French administrative life are covered.

Never has the phrase ‘don’t leave home without it’ been more apposite. After all, France With Tears would not be much fun.

A remarkably useful book for buyers, Wealth Managers, Family offices, accountants and lawyers.

If you would like a complimentary copy of this excellent book please email:

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